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How was your day, Paul?

So, here's a question. Who's better? The Spice Girls or Girls Aloud. For science.





Girls Aloud but Spice Girls still have their place in my heart.


Phew. Glad i didn’t disappoint you

I actually had no idea how you’d answer, so I’m glad it went the way it did.  I just wanted to check with someone who was familiar with both, a fan of both and could make an informed decision.

While the Spice Girls songs are fun, catchy and a great snapshot of their time, not one of them could be held up against the pop perfection of Biology or Something Kinda Ooooh.  (Or pretty much any of the singles and a huge number of the album tracks.  I picked those two for brevity.)

I had a serious think about. The Spice Girls were important at the time (both to me and in general) and I do love Spiceworld the movie but Girls Aloud created better music. The weird thing for me is that Spice Girls were huge here but Girls Aloud really weren’t - I probably wouldn’t know them at all if not for you.

spencer appreciation week: day one

favorite quotes

I already saw that on Tumblr.
literally everything (via beccaliving)


”..Who the hell is Natasha?”

I became so engrossed in the idea of Natasha being the Winter Soldier I COULDN’T HELP IT sorrynotsorry

Well, if you can’t count on your friends to help bail your mother out of prison then, really, what good are they?